The Tangled Hunt

The tranquility of an ancient forest is disturbed as a group of hunters seeking rare creatures have invaded, capturing all that cross their path. Additionally, a fearsome fey creature, known as the dreamweaver arachnid, has nested within the forests depths, turning its insatiable hunger on the creatures that call the forest home. In an attempt to save the forest its dryad protector, Elysia has captured almost all the hunters offering them as tribute to the dreamweaver to satiate its hunger. Can the characters help protect the forest and save the hunters, or will the dreamweaver’s hunger prove too great?

Airships of Sordane

Airships are a vital part of any 5e campaign set in the world of Sordane. Not playing in Sordane? No sweat! We have rules and supplements that work for any setting. Choose from over 20+ airships!