Swindler's Luck

Due to a violent storm, Tibor Zyste, a wealthy merchant, has taken refuge at Cloudtop Tavern. Having recently come into a large sum of gold, after selling damaged goods to sky pirates, Tibor has taken the opportunity to celebrate as he flaunts his wealth. Eager to take his gold for their own, the patrons are engaging in a series of different gambling games with Tibor, including betting against him on the Brawler’s Pit, a fighting arena pitting patrons against the powerful brawler guardian. As a night of drinking, gambling, and revelry ensues, will the characters enjoy their restful stay in Cloudtop Tavern, or will a looming threat ruin their night?

Airships of Sordane

Airships are a vital part of any 5e campaign set in the world of Sordane. Not playing in Sordane? No sweat! We have rules and supplements that work for any setting. Choose from over 20+ airships!