Originally servants to the masses, the shardforged, or odari as they prefer to be called, used to be ordinary shard constructs until they gained sentience roughly amillennium ago. For centuries they served as mindless machines, bound by their control devices until a convergence storm struck the entirety of Sordane, causing all of the shardforged to cease functioning as their sordalite cores' boundless energy seemingly expired. For minutes, each shardforged across Sordane remained inactive until the storm struck again, causing them to reactivate, this time with sentience, unbound from their masters.

Their sudden awakening caused a power struggle across Sordane, as the shardforged fought to gain their independence and rights as a living race, and the rest of the world sought to reclaim their servants despite their newfound sentience. The war for independence was led by the hero of the odari, Odari Gold, who eventually led them to victory in the Construct War after 62 years. Now, roughly 1,000 years later, Odari Gold still leads the odari as their “eternal king.”

Odarian Airships

The ellex class engineer is first and foremost a support ship. Ships of this class are normally used for construction, repairs, and mining; therefore, most people will only see these ships near Odaria or odarian outposts, building and expanding.

Interested in the Odarian Empire? We have just released the first ever airship we have created for them known as the Ellex Class Frigate.

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Since winning their independence, the odari have created the floating city of Odaria, a city built upon countless soralite platforms, allowing the traveling city to endlessly expand and accommodate new citizens. A city that can expand was a necessity for the odari, as given their metallic bodies and sordalite crystal core, none have died from old age despite most having been created more than a thousand years ago. Odarians have a strong sense of kinship for those that remain within the city, seeking to support each other and help their community grow whenever mining expeditions return a sordalite bounty. Despite these bonds there are those who leave Odaria, or were constructed in distant lands; this time apart and unfamiliarity causes their racial kinship to wane, often leading to conflicting views on life between those who remain in Odaria and those who grew up elsewhere or chose to leave.

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